*hello spring

Hello spring!
Postcard design + unicorn pattern.


*waiting for spring

When we were
waiting for spring.


*garden mouse

I made another stamp with my silhouette mint.
A little garden mouse to ring in the coming gardening saison
and to decorate my snail mail :)



Finally spring arrived,
but in our area it is so stormy right now,
that it is hard to enjoy time outside.
Nevertheless I started working a lot in the garden, cut the hedge and berry plants,
prepared the greenhouse to be able to finally start sowing some greens. Also I was able to pick first chickweed to make green refreshing juices. From now on it can only get better ;)
Have a lovely spring time!



I started to present my latest artwork at arthaus!
arthaus is located in the UK, they sell unframed,
but also framed prints and ship worldwide!
I really like their clean and minimalistic design!
Feel free to have a look!



*mountain trip -part 3

One time I was lucky enough to capture a deer with my camera.
It was just standing there, fearless, in the middle of the white.


*tea time

Yesterday I saw several brimstone butterflies on my walk.
They looked so surreal bright in that still lifeless seeming landscape.
Later in the forest I spotted first snowdrops! Finally!

As I am still not able to work in the garden, I use most of my time creating new illustrations and patterns. I'm quite behind with showing everything I made here on my blog.

Yoojin, a creative friend and former blogger,
started a new blog called "paper pilea" where she shares her creative adventures and love for snail mail. Feel free to have a look!

And lastly, if I haven't mentioned it already, I created a new Instagram account for my illustration work, because I did not want to mix them with my analogue pictures.

Enjoy the last days of March!


*mountain trip - part 2

The trees were full of moss and lichen. I read that lichen are one of the most long-living beings on earth. They can become hundreds, yes even several thousand years old. Imagine this!


*good night

Good night,
sleep tight,
don't let the bedbugs bite!