Making oat milk

Because of my health problems and food intolerances I often try out new things. This time I made my first self-made oat milk and I was really surprised how easy it is and how little of oat is needed for getting 1 liter of oat milk! I thought I post it here, maybe you are interested in how it works. My mother already made some experiments, she gave me this easy recipe (for 1 liter):

1. All you need is 40 gram oat, 10 gram sunflower seed, 10 gram hazelnuts, a pinch of salt and something to sweeten it a bit like one spoon honey or if you like the taste of vanilla 1 package of vanilla sugar like I did and 1 liter water. Because I should not eat nuts, I took 20 gram of sunflower seeds and no nuts. You can also use other nuts like almond or some kind of good oil instead of the seeds. It gives a lot of room for experiments!

Put the oat, sunflower seeds and hazelnuts in some water over night. (Some hours would be also enough, but the best is to let it rest over night)
2. Remove the water (where it all rested over night), put it in the blender, add one liter water, salt and honey (or any sweetener you like) and crush it for 50 seconds.
3. Put the mixture in a cooking pot and boil it up for a short moment. Afterwards use a strainer to remove the bigger parts of the crushed oat.
4. Fill it in a lidded glass and let it cool off. Finished!
Shake it before every use!


Lanapelana said...

Wow, you're so productive lately! You've made so many cool projects, I especially like the printed fabrics :)
And thank you for the recipe!

Thumbly said...

I never heard of a recipe like this, it seems very interesting! I hope it will relieve your intolerances!

ameskeria said...

Thank you so much for this recipe, Claudia! My boyfriend is now really happy! He loves oat milk! :)

Mdmslle. said...

Wow, das hört sich ja einfach an! Werd ich gleich mal mit Mandeln ausprobieren! Hab mich gewundert, dass du Sonnenblumenkerne essen darfst - sind die so anders strukturiert als Nüsse? Für mich war das immer dasselbe! Liebe Grüße und gute Besserung!

Anna @sweet life said...

That sounds nice, I might try it for my vegan boyfriend! Thanks!

wide-eyed said...

@Mdmslle: Ja, ich weiss, Sonnenblumen sind auch Histaminliberatoren, aber bei Histaminintoleranz reagieren viele unterschiedlich und dann macht die Menge noch viel aus. Bei mir gehen Sonnenblumenkerne meist, Nüsse aber weniger, keine Ahnung warum. Ich bin selber immer wieder überrascht, was geht und was nicht und es ist auch nicht immer gleich. Hast du auch solche Probleme? Liebe Grüße!

Mia (Somliga dagar) said...

Thank you for sharing! I will deff try this.

bambi kann beißen said...

das ist ein ganz wunderbarer tipp. ich brauch jetzt unbedingt so einen mixer.

trinke keine kuhmilch. bin aber nie auf den gedanken gekommen getreidemilch selbst herzustellen. toll!!!

hoffe es geht dir wieder besser!!!

sei lieb gegrüßt

Alicia said...

oh! I didt know that you had food intolerances... anyway, this milk looks delicious :)

kristina said...

Oh, danke für das Rezept, das werde ich sicher mal ausprobieren. Ich liebe Hafermilch :-)

bellefleurdelis said...

thanks for sharing claudia !

julie said...

yum! this sounds delicious. i am going to try this. thanks for the inspiration!