Happy mail

It's time to show you what's been in my mailbox lately. Lily sent me this beautiful photograph of bright yellow flowers, little paper fish and some tea, it all came in an envelope with a huge beautiful stamp. Loving it!
Some time ago I ordered one of Anna's wonderful mini-leporellos. I ever wanted one for myself and recently she made so many new ones. I love the idea and all the different papers she is using. It was really hard to make a choice, they are all so pretty!
2 months ago I won Emmel's give-away, but sadly it never arrived. She was so kind to send me another package filled with vintage surprises. Thank you so much, Ellen, I appreciate that a lot! I will send you something back, soon! :)
It seems although I have much luck in winning give-aways lately, I don't have much luck in getting them. I won Olga's "moss-in-a-tiny-bottle-necklace", but sadly it got broken through the post. :( She was so kind to add 4 of her beautiful postcards. Thank you so much, Olga!


Isidora said...

i like what you received and bought! :) lovely little things that make us happier!

Mi Joya said...

That's a lot of happy stuff in your mailbox!

So sad that mail gets lost sometimes! One of my surprises never made it to Chantal in Holland :(

Katyha said...

oh so pretty. My mailbox has had nothing but bills and junk mail unfortunately :/

cococita said...

Such a delight!
Enjoy your little packages!
Mail like this always is a treat to the senses!